Permanent Driver
Hire Belief Is To Provide Well Experienced Driver

Permanent Driver On Hire In Mumbai

Permanent Driver

Permanent Driver Service is mostly for monthly basis where we place the driver on monthly basis who will report to you daily at the given time.

It has happened with many customer where they have to pay the service charge or Membership charge before they start the driver service to the company / Agencies for a number of period, And even if they are not satisfied they have to continue with the company / agencies.

But Driver on Hire is working on different model where the customer will pay the service charges after the driver joins the service of customer.

Membership Charges:

The charges will be Rs.6000/- for 6 month with unlimited replacement guarantee.


The charges will be Rs 8000/- for 1 year with unlimited replacement guarantee.

The Customer will get:

  • Unlimited Replacement guarantee

  • Trust worthy & Experienced driver
  • Fully verified with our side like reference check of both previous employer and social circle and document check.
  • The customer can replace the driver anytime if the customer is not satisfied with the driver at no extra cost.
  • If the driver is on leave we will give the temporary driver on his place.

Terms of Service for booking a Permanent driver:

  • Joining of duty will be confirmed only after acceptance of terms of service and terms of employment by duly signing.

  • We charge Membership fee for the selected driver with unlimited replacement guarantee incase the driver leaves the job within the service period. The Membership fee is towards providing driver and does not include any kind of loss, damage & theft cover.
  • The agency will not be responsible if the employer gives advance, mobile, uniform etc. to the employed driver.
  • In case the driver goes on leave for 1 or more days we will arrange a temporary driver for you at extra charge.And that you can deduct from your driver salary.
  • In case of any offence committed by the driver on duty the agency will help the client with local police station.
  • The agency has checked the driver documents &  has done the reference call before considering the driver for employment through us, however as per Mumbai police we request our client to summit the driver documents to their local police station (Driver documents will be provided by the agency at the time of signing the Membership).
  • Any dispute to the jurisdiction of Mumbai court only.
  • In case you want to discontinue the driver from job you need to give him 1 week notice & during this notice period you can avail replacement from the agency at no extra cost.
  • The payment of Membership fee have to be released within 2 days after the driver has joined the duty, failing to which the service might be terminated.


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